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From getting kicked out of college to building a multi-six figure net worth by 32. 


Hi there! My name is Ainjel and I am the founder of Rare Bird Money.


I have many titles: woman, wife, veteran, daughter of Caribbean immigrants, consultant, coach, investor, and my absolute favorite, mother.

I've overcome feeling lost and stuck and having tens of thousands of debt, to buying a home, increasing my income by over 200% in 8 years, and having a multi-6 figure Net Worth. I take pride in nurturing the relationships that bring me joy and now I'm living the life that I didn't even know I could've imagined.

I got kicked out of college my junior year. I was THAT girl. The one who had big dreams, but relied too heavily on just being “smart”. I knew that just going back wasn’t going to help me, plus I didn’t want to go into more debt, so I joined the Air National Guard. After graduating from Air Force basic training, I reapplied and enrolled in college, began living on my own and worked as a server to support myself. I still had student loans, personal debt, and a car loan and I was adamant about becoming debt free. I knew that there was more to life than just living paycheck to paycheck and I knew that while my education and degree would help me, it wouldn't SOLVE my money issues. This was my first AHA moment. I knew I couldn't keep chasing the dream...I had to make a strategy to live the dream. 


When I began working in the corporate space, I felt like I FINALLY made it because I was making “good money”. Still though, my peers were lightyears ahead of me in their financial health and knowledge. More and more I realized that there were many people who looked like me in the corporate world, yet we didn't know how to use our income and skills to grow and keep our wealth. We did what we were told, “go to school, get the good job, provide for our family”. But what we weren't told, was that many who followed this path still ended up living paycheck to paycheck and were stressed about money the majority of their lives.

That's when I learned about personal finance, investing, and the FIRE movement and became obsessed! I dug deep into books and joined communities that embraced financial literacy and financial freedom. After spending months learning, sharing what I've learned with friends and family and helping them with their finances, I realized that to go far, we needed to go together and I began coaching to help even more professionals.

I'm excited to share that my family and I are now on our Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) journey, which began in 2019, with the goal to reach FI by 2032. Our ​2023 goal is focusing on cash flow. We have our systems in place to keep investing, but the current economy has definitely talk us that we NEED multiple streams of income (more than the 3 we currently have).

Thanks for joining me on this journey and welcome to the Freedom Flock! As a gift to you, I've broken down 90 activities for the last quarter of 2022: Mind Your Money Habits Calendar. I've personally performed all these tasks (and still continue to do today). I think it's helpful to see the actionable steps you can take to get your mindset right rather than just "hoping" you're doing it right. Every few days, I send out a newsletter for the challenge. If you have any questions, feel free to email me back (it's really me writing and responding)!

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