Hi there! My name is Ainjel and I started this blog to share my journey and knowledge of personal finance and to help professional millennials build wealth. My mission is to help 500 professionals reach a multi-6 figure net worth!

I have many titles: woman, wife, veteran, first gen daughter of Caribbean immigrants, consultant, money coach, investor, and my absolute favorite, mother. I've lived paycheck to paycheck, paid off student debt, and now am building wealth and living the life that I didn't even know I could've imagined.


IRL photo coming soon!

When I graduated from Air Force basic training and returned to college, I began living on my own and worked as a server to support myself. I still had student loans, personal debt, and a car loan and I was adamant about becoming debt free. I knew that there was more to life than just living paycheck to paycheck and I knew that while my education and degree would help me, it wouldn't SOLVE my money issues. I got serious about paying off debt, and learning about building wealth. 


When I began working in the corporate space, I realized that while I was making similar income to my counterparts, they were ahead of me in their financial health and knowledge. Part of my mission is to help young professionals who look like me and are from similar backgrounds position themselves so that they are increasing their net-worth and wealth.


My family and I are now on our Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) journey, which began in 2019, with the goal to reach FI by 2032. Financial Independence for us simply means that we'll be able to sustain our lifestyle on the return of our assets. I'll be sharing our lessons and tracking where we are on this journey. 

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